29 June 2009

Music is good for the soul

Hello my dears!
Thank you so much for visiting!
Yesterday we went to see Kate Rusby concert.
I loved it! her song are just so relaxing, romantic and dreamlike.

And she is just so much fun! She came on stage with a beautiful coloured necklace and a pink flower in her hair plus, her lovely 7 month mommy belly. Sweet uh?!
Imagine when her little baby is born, she can sing her/him really cool lullabies!!!
I was just a bit disappointed about the people in the audience.
They were just so still and boring! When Kate asked us to sing along with her, nowone participated... So what's the point to go and see a live concert if you just have to sit there like you are watching telly?

Lots of love,


09 June 2009

Picture of the week: Heart of a Stone

Even Stones have a heart!

I saw this stone the other day while I was walking up to the top of Marostica's hill. A very lovely place. Isn't lovely?

Lots of Love,


07 June 2009

Night in / Night out

Hello my darlings!
What do you do with your girlfriends on your weekends and evenings off?
I know, a lot depends on the weather. Girls are a little bit about cats, they don't really want to get their coat wet in the rain waiting outside a club!

When it rains, is wet and umid, I love just beeing indoors, watching Sense and Sensibility with a hot choccolate and big socks!

When is nice like tonight, I love taking the time having gorgeous meals outside, lovely slow foods, really taking the time to chat and chatch up with a girlfriend's events! This is what we are doing tonight. We are going a a little local restaurant, guess food there must be really lovely there!

Can't wait!
Have a lovely evening,
Take Care,


05 June 2009

Bottles... Did I get this from someone?

You all know how much I love bottles... don't you?
I love them, especially cute little ones, little charms and pendants, mini Message in a Bottle.
I'm often asked, "Where did you get this?"

This is the answer:

From Mom!
She likes them small and pretty, filled with little samples of sand and shells of all the places she is been on holiday! Isn't this lovely?

04 June 2009

Home Is... Where The Nest Is

Hello my Dears!
Today I Have some lovely News for you...
When I arrived home last week, I looked out of my bedroom window over the hazel tree, as I always do, but this time I saw something that made me real happy...

This very cute nest!
With little babies!

They are just so sweet!
Every morning when I wake up I check on them, take a few snaps, and say hello (very quietly, and just if their Mum is not there). I have to tell you, these cute babies had quite an experience a few weeks ago...
Unfortunately, their Mum Dove is not so good looking after them and making their nesty nest!
My Mum told me that the Mum Dove made this nest so badly this year that in a matter of days from the brood, it landed upside down on the garden table (about 4 meters below!).
Luckily the two little Dove birdies were still alive in it!

Mum quickly repaired the nest with a bread basket and Dad placed the new nest back on the tree in about the same position. At first, Mum Dove would come on the branch and not see the nest at all, even if it was only 3 inches from the original position, but then after a few hours she finally found it and feed the birdies.

Our little friends are growing really fast and well, even if the Mum dove is not very present at times, they look just fine. We all keep an eye on them, in case they'll need help.
So now, the two babies have about 4 Mothers rather then one!
Life its really full of miracles...


03 June 2009

Interview on Handmade News - Giulia Mauri

Hello my sweeties!
Thank you for tuning in!
I have some de li cio us news today!

Have been featured as a seller on Handmade News this week!

In the interview I share some of my marketing tips for small handmade business and answer some questions about how this great big adventure started!

Click on the links to read the *first* and *second* part of the interview!

x Lots of love and light x